Sunday, April 17, 2011

still temporary after all these years

I was informed on Friday that I am not a finalist for the tenure-track position in my department. I have heard that I "deserve" a tenure-track position, as well. Just, you know, apparently not here.

This is very strange, given my 13 years of contributions to the department, the university, and my active records of scholarly achievement in academic philosophy. I am not a great scholar of the era by any means, and would never claim I was, nor that I aspire to be, but I also think that I'm impeccably qualified for tenure at Cow State Santa Claus.

Anyway, this is not a disappointment to me, because I had no expectation of being a finalist for the position, and certainly no expectation that I would get it. That's why my application's soundtrack included Cee Lo Green. (There's a history, a history which apparently became more common knowledge during the review of my application.)

Many folks know I'm a big Marxist. One of my favorite Groucho quips is that he would never join an organization that would have someone like him as a member. Being a member of the non-tenured majority is very much like that, and on the whole, it's the untenured majority I'd rather join.


Al Petrosky said...

"There's a history"? That's the problem right there in a nutshell, you're talking history in a philosophy department. You obviously don't understand your boundaries.

What you need right now is some retail therapy. Take two twenty dollar bills to Target, and buy some useless shit that temporarily appeals to you.

Doc Nagel said...

Unfortunately, the 2009-2010 Chicago Blackhawks would run more like $210 million, give or take, but I understand the psychological trickery of it.