Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new homeland security alert system

The Department of Homeland Security (Abteilung der Heimatsicherheit in the original German) has adopted a new advisory system to replace the color codes. I'm not entirely thrilled, because the infantilization of US citizens implicit in the old system was its main appeal to me. That, and you could describe your day's outfit as "Elevated," which was fun.

I have a good idea for a replacement advisory system, but they haven't been returning my calls for some reason. (Though they did say my name would be added to a list they keep of special people!)

Here's the system I proposed:

Threat Level:

Oprah. Routine precautions. No travel restrictions.

Cher. Elevated precautions. Restricted travel for listed individuals; all air travelers subject to random searches. Ongoing patrols of major transportation infrastructure: bridges, tunnels, airports and railway stations.

Gaga. Severe. Known threat of imminent attack. Most air travel grounded. Restrictions on rail travel.

Busey. Attack currently in progress. Take extreme measures for security and safety: marshal law, total grounding of all foreign and domestic flights, transportation lockdown on all federal highways.

Sheen. No safe place anywhere. Kiss your kids goodbye.


James Dyer said...

Rock on Doc.

Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer said...

"Ladies and gentlemem, HOmeland Security has issued a Threat Level Busey. Please surrender all electronic devices and lay face down on the floor."

Xina said...

LMAO!!! Awesome! :-D