Thursday, July 29, 2010

american association of university professors

I'm in San Diego, in a dorm at SDSU, down for the AAUP Summer Institute (their tagline: "Because FUNstitute isn't a word"). This is my third AAUP Summer Institute, all of them held at SDSU, I believe. Last time I came, I was recently elected to the California Faculty Association's Contract Development and Bargaining Strategies committee, so I attended the workshop on contract bargaining. I know, I know, my command of logic is scintillating.

This time, I've just been made a more official part of the Santa Claus CFA chapter's faculty rights team, so I'm attending the workshop on contract enforcement and grievance procedures. Logic, scintillating, etc.

We'll be role-playing a grievance ripped from the headlines for the next two days. If the bargaining workshop is any indication, it should be really intense. At least I'm on the union side this time; last time, I had to play management (though, I confess, I kind of enjoyed playing dirty tricks). I'm not sure we have a winning grievance, but I've been on the losing end before.

I realize this has little to do with either albums of the day or erotic experience (so far at least; I just got into town). I brought Michel Serres' The Five Senses with me, and might get a chance to leaf through that during down times tomorrow. Otherwise, it's going to be hard-nosed, no-holds-barred, rough-and-tumble blood-and-guts hell-bent-for-leather contractual trench warfare for the next 48 hours. (See, already it's taking a more intriguingly physical turn - there's even hints of deviance in there!)

Kiss kiss!


A.Nava said...

I'm glad to hear that your finally involved with Politics to some degree. What did Marx say about the problem of Philosophers & Philosophy?

Doc Nagel said...

Um, finally? You mean, after being CFA lecturer rep since 2002, and now coming to my third AAUP institute?