Friday, January 01, 2010

what, no end of the year wrap-up post?


I tried. I did a "the good, the bad, and the crap" post. The crap, of course, was mostly related to the CSU. I ditched that one.

I wrote one that was just goofy. I ditched that one.

Instead, I ended up writing a song, that I might post later. The lyrics go something like this:

It’s the end of the year
Gonna party like it’s 2009


Whew! What a year!
We ate fried chicken
and drank beer and wine
like a big fried chicken party

Remember last spring?
It got all warm and sunny
birds flowers and bunnies
like spring during the early – uh – spring


We played lots of games
that one with the cards
and the other one with the cards
and the one without cards

Remember last summer?
Whew! Hot! It was hot!
Too hot! And then that one day
was really really hot.


Whew! What a year!
We still have all of our toes!
So that’s good! You gotta keep
track of your toes, you know.

I don’t really remember it much
to be totally honest with you
but there wasn’t a lot going on, I think,
so I don’t think I missed too much



Okay, time to call it a year
2009 is going away, for good
Flushed down the toilet of history
like a year or used cat litter

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