Sunday, April 12, 2009

marriage fear, etc.

I have not had the stomach to watch any of the crazy people's ads about same-sex marriage. I didn't have the stomach to read all of this San Francisco Chronic op-ed piece about the ads.

However, I can inform all who blunder across this page about the homosexual agenda. You see, I've known several actual gay people. I know what the homosexual agenda is.

Ready? Sitting down? Seriously, I'm about to reveal the deep, hidden perversion of the homosexual agenda.

Okay, I warned you.

They want to lead their own lives and to be left alone by crazy intolerant people.

Disgusting, isn't it? Yucky yuck yuck!

Also in the news today: the shocking revelation that a woman from Tracy who has been arrested for murdering her daughter is a Christian who taught Bible study.

I believe these are related stories.

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Robert Kirkman said...

You really should watch the "gathering storm" ad all the way through. The idea of a "rainbow coalition" of pusillanimous homophobes is really choice, as is the statement that this coalition comes together out of "love" . . . apparently their love of hating and fearing anyone unlike themselves.

In short, nearly every statement at the end of the ad means precisely the opposite of what it seems to mean. Apply that same logic to the beginning of the ad, and it follows inevitably that the "gathering storm" must in fact be the dawn of a tranquil and glorious spring day.