Monday, October 13, 2008

attack on marriage

I was just now innocently checking my Yahoo email, and there at the top of the page was an ad sponsored by a group called "Protect Marriage" - a group pushing Proposition 8, which would make same-sex marriages illegal in California.

The issue is simple. Advocates for Prop 8 are bigots who want to create new legal discrimination.

I've never been an advocate for marriage, but this round of brain-dead politics on the matter has got me thinking about it again. The main problems I see with marriage are rooted in its cultural history of sexism. Built into marriage are all manner of expectations and assumptions about people's relationships and roles, life stories, aspirations and goals, that are ultimately also sexist and heterosexist. When a man and a woman marry each other, they further this retrograde institution's hegemony.

So I've come to the position that only same-sex marriage should be given legal status, since that would help break down the terrible legacy of different-sex marriage.


Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer said...

But I thought always having the same sex was what broke up most marriages, and that you had to have a little different sex now and then to spice things up . . .

Doc Nagel said...

Exactly: "different" sex would be all the more thrilling because it would be illegal!

Dee said...

I subscribe to all of the above.
What is their problem?! The bigots, I mean.
Most people are spooked by imagining how their own parents created them, because they do not want to imagine their own parents having sex.
Why do they have to push themselves to imagine HOW other people have sex? Like the gay couples for example.
Cannot they apply the same rules they apply when it comes to their own parents? Why?
It's called discretion. It's called live and let live.
Why are they so discreet with their own family and so indiscreet with other people's bedroom life?

Social wars, physical wars and psychological wars and misery have been started by bigots since the beginning of time.

Even the notion of heaven and hell is a bigot concept.