Friday, September 19, 2008

morning constitutional

It's Constitution Day!

Please take a moment to reflect upon the Constitution, whether it's the constitution of meaning by an intersubjective community, or the constitution of fraud by a series of acts, or even just the reconstitution of lemon juice in one of those little oval squirt bottles.

Or, if you swing this way, you could celebrate your Constitutional rights by wire-tapping yourself.

EDIT @ 7:03 AM:

This just in from the Modesto Bee: Economy in crisis. I guess that when, finally, the Bee notices a news story, it becomes more official somehow.


Lulu--Back in Town said...

I wanted to say something here about how we should get the Constitution a present for its special day--like a new special friend to take care of it, one who wouldn't think that cutting little pieces off of it, one after another, while keeping it barely alive on a drip so they can parade it around under fear of (if not merciful death) further excisions to show others what a good protector he has been (or else molesting it like some creepy uncle who was the wrong choice for babysitter), was just a good way to spend a Saturday night.

But I couldn't quite think how to do it.

Doc Nagel said...


As we used to say in the wild lawless days of the PhDC, "that's gonna leave a mark."