Wednesday, August 20, 2008

California, here we come!

I found out about a year ago that California's corporate law has some interesting features, for instance, that if a California non-profit corporation does something amiss, like failing to file taxes for several years, the State can suspend, or even revoke, that corporation's Articles of Incorporation. This effectively forces the corporation to re-charter itself under a new name, and if the State, which has no resources to dedicate to the task, somehow discovers the ruse, why, that corporation is subject to the ultimate penalty - you guessed it, not being permitted to contract.

So I wasn't that surprised when I read that two unaccredited colleges are moving to California from Idaho, to open doors along with possibly dozens more, since California now has no regulatory agency to oversee businesses operating as colleges.

[You know what's coming, don't you?]

So, we're pleased to announce that, as of August 20, Doc Nagel, Inc. U. has re-opened in California. And unlike Breyer State University and Canyon College, Doc Nagel, Inc. U. is accredited, just not by the usual agency. Plus, Doc Nagel, Inc. U. is the only entirely on-line college that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields from A to Z, with no coursework, no exams, no needless paperwork, and all for no tuition or fees!


Robert Kirkman said...

Heck, I'll accredit you, if it helps.

Anonymous said...

Do you offer a PhD in Horribleness?

Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer said...

A place that means a lot,
A place that means a lot,
A place that means a lot tooooo meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Doc Nagel said...

Presently, Doc Nagel, Inc. U. does not offer a PhD in Horribleness; however, you can get a Q&A degree in Hungarian, or a T&A in Political Insulting (a kind of horribleness).