Thursday, June 05, 2008

another silly meme

At some point, this blog will return to usual programming. The Pittsburgh Penguins lost the Stanley Cup Finals to the Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 2, last night. Sad ending to an incredibly inspiring season for arguably the team with the greatest young talent in the NHL. They'll be back, in some different configuration. We're just hoping our favorites stay with the team. Some will.

Anyway, this meme has been stolen from No Celery, Please. It doesn't seem to have a title, so I'll call it

Yet Another List of Random Factoids About a Human Being,
In this Case, Me

Accent: Midwest/Northern, altered slightly by natural mimicry and living in North Carolina (8 years), Pittsburgh (8 years) and California (*GULP* nearly 10 years).

Bra size: I don't know. I'll wear a skirt, among friends, but I've never gone full drag.

Chore I hate: Dusting, especially books and bookcases (allergies).

Dad’s name: Carl Richard

Essential make-up: Everything I say is essentially made up.

Favorite perfume: Home-brewed bay rum after shave!

Gold or Silver: Silver.

Hometown: Born in Toledo, raised until 13 in Maumee, Ohio.

Interesting fact: I was, at the time, reportedly the youngest person to earn a Doctorate in Philosophy at Duquesne University.

Job title: Lecturer, Philosophy Department, Cow State Santa Claus

Kids: Pets: Two four-month-old kittens from the same litter. Alexander (Alex, Brutus) and Arthur (Bruno, Honey Bear), a.k.a., The Smothers Brothers, a.k.a., The Katzenjammer Kids, a.k.a. The Flying Kittois Brothers, a.k.a., Boodahs, Monsters, etc., etc.

Living arrangements: Rented town house, 4 litter boxes (trying to work that down to 2)

Mom’s Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio.

Number of apples eaten in last week: None. It ain't friggin' apple season!

Overnight hospital stays: None. Hah! Been in the ER a coupla times, once as a kid with a 105 fever.

Phobia: Lightning. Tremendously socially anxious from time to time.

Question you ask yourself a lot: What am I forgetting?

Religious affiliation: Joke answer: Recovering Catholic. Earnest answer: [empty set]

Siblings: One older brother, one older sister.

Time I wake up: Teaching days: 6:30 am. Non-teaching days: depends on the Katzenjammer Kids.

Natural Hair color: Brown.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: I detest Brussels sprouts and lima beans, beets.

Worst habit: Self-loathing

X-rays: Sure, what've you got?

Yummy food I make: How much time have you got? I make a ton of different dishes. Last night: pasta with tomatoes, cannelini beans, olives, fresh basil, feta.

Zodiac sign: Leo, of course.

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