Monday, January 01, 2007

home at last

Lauren and I left Turlock on Friday the 22nd for L.A. We left L.A. for Detroit on the 26th. We came back to L.A. on the 30th-31st. We stayed up until around 2 this morning talking about music, culture, politics, and hope, concluding yes, perhaps, of course (though ultimately doomed), and yes and no (yes for the planet, nature, cockroaches, individual persons, solidarity, struggle, and creativity, no for the species). We came home from L.A. today. Nuff said.

Got new music for Christmas from my loveliest - Tom Waits' Alice and a new find, a chick named Mirah, that were good eats. I've decided that I want to write the kind of imagery Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan do. Got a gift card from Allison towards getting a bass, and a hoopy "You can't have too many guitars" t-shirt. My folks bought us some of our airfare to Detroit, which was disgustingly expensive (though oddly and horribly less than my sister paid to fly from Phoenix, a shorter flight, which she booked far earlier).

Down in L.A. I put together a tune for my favorite of their cats, Stella, who only seems to like me and Allison, and whom I always greet by saying "Stelllla! Hey Stelllla!" So that could come online sometime during Winter Term (which, incidentally, starts in two freaking days). Meanwhile, there's a handful of songs up there now from the most recent sessions, at the end of the semester and during finals.

Lancelot is intact. We're intact. I restrung Guinnevere while half-watching the Maple Leafs-Bruins game. I hadn't seen the Leafs yet this year, so I have no idea if this was typical, but they were certainly entertaining. For whatever reason my octave-high G string snapped when I tried to tune it up, but luckily I had a spare.

By the by, I received an invite to link my blog to a site called NHLBloggers. This is odd because I don't particularly blog about hockey - it comes up, like tonight, because I love the game. But it doesn't come up in any systematic way, and if someone followed a link to my little outpouring of teeming meaningless details of my life, I'd think that person would be a little put off.

And so ends this random post. My brain, as of this writing, has the consistency and cognitive power of a bowl of tepid gruel.

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