Tuesday, July 25, 2006

this is no time to blog

We're moving tomorrow!

I woke at 3 am, because the phone rang, and couldn't get back to bed. I recently unearthed a receipt from June of 2004, from a trip to Target to buy basic stuff for this apartment. It's made me think a great deal about how I ended up moving here, and I had to write it all down, especially all that I didn't say at the time. I haven't decided to post it, obviously, or you'd be reading it instead of my unedifying account of what I wrote.

But as long as we're here:

We went to the mall yesterday, then to the Pirates of the Caribbean flick, basically in order to escape the oppressive heat. (It's only going to be 107 today, so that's not too bad comparatively.) The flick was okay; I didn't think it was nearly as fun as the first one, but not as dreadful as critics seem to think. It was what it was. However, I came away with the powerful reminder that movies suck. They're just terrible, all of them. Everything that Big Movies touches turns to dreck; it's all advertising for what sort of spectacular crapola the movies can generate. The mall was a mild success. I bought much-desired cotton handkerchiefs, at Penney's, which seems to be the only place in the region that sells handkerchiefs other than seasonally.

We're leaving in about two minutes to go sign the lease on the new digs. Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

I can tell you that it was NOT Bobo calling you at 3am. He may be prone to midnight calls, but that's midnight ET :)

Doc Nagel said...

I didn't really expect so. Since moving into the Apartment of Earthly Delights we've been plagued with calls for the Hilmar Portugese Fish Market, which used to have the same phone number. It was probably a fax. Someone has tried to send a fax to that number without stop for more than two years, and has never called to ask why the fax hasn't gone through. It's one more reason we're glad for the new place. That and caller ID.