Sunday, June 04, 2006

summer (snork!) fun

I have allergies. I never used to, as a kid. My best friend Bob had them, and I never understood what it was all about. And I still didn't, until I moved to California.

The Central Valley is home to more agriculture than you can shake a stick at. That, and what remains of the native flora, guarantee about 3 dozen species of floating, drifting, blowing stuff in the air from mid-April until early August. The cruel irony of it is that the clearest, brightest days - the days when the smog doesn't turn the whole sky slate, when the Sierra is visible and the Diable range is sharply defined - are the days when the wind is strong enough to keep the crap swirling in the air. So the most beautiful days are the days I suffer most.

And I take anti-histamine. Well, actually, I take generic Claritin, which might have a placebo effect. My doctor, when I saw him a year ago, wanted to put me on a nasal spray decongestant for my allergies, which might have had a negative placebo effect. I wanted Allegra, which is the only anti-histamine that works for me, and which is over-the-counter in Canada and Mexico, but prescription only in the States, because the manufacturers are bastards. But my doctor was reticent to put me on that, and I didn't want the hassle of going through his whole bag of tricks before he'd prescribe the one thing I know does work. Doctors under the HMO model work that way.

That's not the fun part. The fun part is this: our meat was stolen.

We order grassfed beef (sustainably farmed, fed-with-things-cows-are-supposed-to-eat, and about 3 times more expensive per pound) through the Net. Our last order came in March, and we still have a slab of London broil left. So our orders, which are under $200, last about 3 months.

Foul-up #1: The people we get our beef from send it frozen solid, packed in ice, overnight, via DHL. DHL sucks.

Foul-up #2: DHL delievered the package, allegedly, to the wrong apartment, despite the correct address appearing on the package (transposing the numbers in the address).

Foul-up #3: The apartment where it was delivered is vacant.

Foul-up #4: The management of our complex didn't know, or didn't tell us, it was vacant.

Foul-up #5: Either the people vacating that apartment, or a neighbor, or a random passerby, took the package, saw the address on it, and instead of returning it where it belonged, kept or discarded it.

So we're out $200 worth of meat, our meet for the next 3 months.

Turns out that's not the fun part either. We might make popcorn and watch a movie. That'd be fun. And I'll go play my guitar now, and sniffle. That'll be fun.

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Robert Kirkman said...

Welcome to the (sniffle) club (achoo!). At the beginning of April, the pollen count in Atlanta topped 6000 grains per cubic meter. Anything over 200 is considered "extreme".