Tuesday, June 06, 2006

new recordings of our tunes! with lyrics! that you can hear!

We've resolved some of the earlier recording problems, and have made a couple two-track recordings of two of our most popular songs among the 6 or 8 people who have ever heard them.

Damned German digital sampling recording software!

In any event, here are new versions, of we hope superior sound quality (especially since I took the old ones down) of:

The Only Living Boy In Turlock


Very Much Like Three-Tenths Of Torquemada's Blues.

Both of these are entirely new recordings, to supplant and replace any old recordings anyone is secretly harboring in iPods or other unholy file storage devices. Methinks the lyrics come out clear. Mehopes, at least.


laura c. said...

these are so, so awesome.

KOM said...

Your voice was higher than I had expected...

Seriously, has anyone compared (Lauren's?) voice to Natalie Merchants?

Thanks for sharing. Those were quite good!