Thursday, June 15, 2006

a fairly black thursday

The US Supreme Court has ruled that police can illegally search and seize evidence, and that evidence can still be used against you in court. As Justice Breyer noted, this pretty much effectively cancels out the 4th Amendment.

Meanwhile, the President signed a bill to increase ten-fold the FCC penalty for indecent broadcasts. How is indecency defined? It's not. But whatever it is, it doesn't have to rise to the level of obscenity. Apparently, all it takes is complaints from 0.05% of the US TV audience, even if they don't watch the alleged indecency.

Striking another blow for their view of American values, the Senate is working hard on yet another bill banning flag-burning. This makes perfect sense: now that the only thing left of American values is empty flag-waving, better protect that! That and marriage, of course.

Gotta go: the cops just broke in to seize all my VHS copies of "So You Want To Marry A Same-Sex Flag-Burner While Sexing A Goat." I love that show.


Robert Kirkman said...

Freedom is on the march!

Doc Nagel said...

Watch out for the Ides!