Monday, May 22, 2006

two more demos, marginally better

Last week, when we recorded Only Living Boy in Turlock, we also recorded two others. I've used a couple special effects thingies from the recording software to help the sound quality on these.

Late Afternoon Lullaby is a song I started playing with a couple years ago, but ended up not being overly fond of. Lauren liked it a lot, and eventually wrote a lyric to it. There's some dropoff in the guitar part. I am a rank amateur (in every sense of the term rank), so I'm still figuring out how to make this software go at all, let alone to get good sound out of it, and let alone, apparently, consistently getting sound out of it, period. In any event, here 'tis.

Lancelot's Song was originally written as an encomium to the weird orange fluffy beast that shares our apartment with us. I told Lauren one day that I thought it would be cute to have a lyric for it that said something about cat experience. Her lyric is meant to be from the cat's perspective, though obviously greatly anthropomorphized, considering the tremendously narrow range of his conceptual life (limited as it is to One, Don't!, Love/Claw, and Whoop! Whoop!).

I could possibly post more of these, but need to find an alternative to uploading them to my old Geocities page, since I'm nearing their storage limit.


Lulu--Back in Town said...

Much better, says I. They're lovely, my sweet. Thank you.. .

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff!

If you want, I can set you up with some space on my server... I have about 7000 MB I'm not really using right now :)