Sunday, June 03, 2012

no deal

For as long as I know, the California Faculty Association has bought time from the CSU administration, and used that time to allow faculty to do work for the union. Not any more.

After weeks of delays, we finally got word at Cow State Santa Claus that the chancellor is hereby forbidding campus administrations from allowing this arrangement any more. This is due to one of three possible motives: (1) the administration does not know how much stress and undue pressure CFA activists endure as faculty and union reps, or (2) the administration does not care, or (3) it is the express intent of the administration to stop CFA from being able to defend the contract, or (4) they hope to cause faculty activists grievous harm. I am inclined to believe 3 and 4.

I plan to change my class assignments to reflect the undue pressure that five courses, let alone additional unpaid work on campus for the university, let alone union work. I'm going to give my students less of my time, energy, and effort.

I'm also going to have to give less of my time and energy to faculty rights work, but I'm going to try not to reduce my effort. I haven't even begun to work out details of that.


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOHHHHH, I love it! Can I use "Cow State Santa Claus" in my Facebook postings? I know, I should watch my mouth, lest my poor hubby gets fired, but...

Connie Bratten

Doc Nagel said...

Well, if he does, he knows who to call. ;-)

I've called Our Fair University by this epithet for at least a decade. It's almost entirely well-meaning.