Wednesday, January 14, 2009

winter term quietly moves along

Nothing to see here, for some odd reason.

I'm knee-deep in Winter Term, the four-week inter-session Cow State Santa Claus crams between Fall and Spring semesters, in order to wreak utter havoc on the Collective Bargaining Agreement's provisions on salary and benefits. But that's another story for another day.

I've taught in Winter Term every year but two. It's fairly tiring: a full semester's credit bearing course, taught three days a week, three hours each day.

By way of some unknown concatenation of unseen forces, this Winter Term is doing its own thing, and otherwise my academic life and the university seem very still. In my usual paranoia about such matters, I've naturally assumed this is the calm before the storm (indeed, the 2009-2010 budget proposal from the gub cuts the CSU budget another $66 million).

It's a peculiar rhythm.

Oh yes, and it's stopped raining. We've gotten about 10% of normal rainfall for the month.

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