Tuesday, December 30, 2008

year in review, part 3

This morning I had an email message with the following subject line:

Tired of staying in a shadow because of your plain watch?

It came from one of those phony email addresses, but this one had the domain name kidshelleens.com

Sums it up, I'd say.


Lulu--Back in Town said...

Then there came to town,
a gun deadly and frightening
a gun quicker than lightning
fastest gun you've seen!

It was the gun in the hand of -
Steel-eye Kid Sheleen!

Just one look at him,
and folks started to booger
wild! Wild as a cougar!
Proud and fierce and mean!
There was no man who was tougher--
Tough as Kid Sheleen!

He had the eyes of a killer
(Cold as the devil!)
The look of a killer
(the look of a devil
The face of a killer
(that man was the devil!)
Just wild and hornery and mean!

Kid Sheleen! Kid She-lee-ee-een!
The fastest gun you've ever seen!

Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer said...

I usta be a fightah. Back in the day, I took me out the Micks a dozen at a time. They usta call me . . . Kid Shaleens!