Wednesday, May 02, 2007

happy landings

I'm less neurotic than other people I know. I'm not afraid of heights. I'm not xenophobic, nor claustrophobic. I do not fear abandonment or machines. When a plane is flying low over a highway, however, I do often contemplate that it could suddenly, either in an emergency or because the pilot chooses that precise moment to snap, land in front of me. So I'm pleased to report not having been on Highway 4 when a plane landed there yesterday.

The wonderfully ironic background to the story is as follows.

It was a traffic reporter's plane.
The reason it was flying over Highway 4 is because, over the weekend, a tanker truck hauling gasoline burned and caused a major interchange between Interstates 80 and 580 to collapse - an interchange used by hundreds of thousands of commuters daily, all of whom now have to find ways around it, "ways," I should hasten to add, with fewer than the 5 lanes in and out of town offered by 580.

In other news, now crystal meth comes in delicious fruity flavors!

Let me randomly add that Lancelot's tests indicate a probable kidney infection, and he's on antibiotics. Prognosis is good.


Jillian said...

Hope your at is doing better!

Doc Nagel said...

Him seems to be getting better, thank you. It's unclear to him why twice daily we stick nasty stuff in him's mouth, but otherwise...

KOM said...

I listen to 810AM daily.

My favorite part of the post-report is that it was the traffic-guy's umpteenth emergency landing.

I didn't think I was paranoid before, but now I'm not too keen on getting on a plane.