Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the state of our onion is strong

After the President's state of the union (approximately) speech, I made dinner: sauteed scallops, and shrimp with lots of garlic and some saffron served over linguine, with salad. I forgot the bread, but oh well. I did decide that while making the salad I should chop up green onions. While chopping I cut a chunk out of the nail on my left index finger, down to the flesh underneath. That's one tough onion.

I'm less sure about the US, though, after hearing the state of the union (in a manner of speaking). I don't recall Bush saying the state of the union (that thing) was strong, which is the traditional statement Presidents make. He didn't say it was weak, either. Should we infer that it's sorta fair-to-middlin'? Or moderately neato, as George Carlin put it? Hunky-dory? Okey-dokey? Blah? What? Damn it, man, speak up!

Actually, I didn't yell that at the TV. No, because we were watching the NHL All-Stars Superskills Competition (TM, in fact), which is far less exciting than you might expect, although Alexander Ovechkin just about fell on his face. I may have yelled a few things at that, or at the President. Who can tell?


Robert Kirkman said...

If 28% of Americans approve of President (sic) Bush's job performance, that means 72% either disapprove or ride the fence. Of those, I wonder what percentage are so contemptuous of the President (sic) and ashamed of what he's led us into that they can't even stand to watch him on television. Heck, I break out in hives just hearing sound-bites on the radio.

Doc Nagel said...

Ironically enough, the TV ratings for the State of the Union were up markedly from last year.

Robert Kirkman said...

People were probably just tuning into see Speaker Pelosi sitting behind and above the President (sic).