Thursday, June 01, 2006



Mostly done. I detected 4 or 5 people plagiarizing web pages again, which is as always sickening and boring. Some of my students will be a little surprised at their final grades.

But we're thinking of moving. We thought the lease was up at the end of this month, but nope. We came to the office to give 30 days' notice, and discovered that we'd be out July's rent if we did that. So we're staying at least until the end of July.

Also had the cat's 100,000 mile tune-up Tuesday. The vet ran a "senior profile" blood test, and found that he has slightly raised levels of an enzyme associated with arthritis (though not high enough to act on), and something else associated with allergies (poor bastard's probably allergic to cats. I can only imagine how much fun that would have been when he lived with 5 or so other cats. I always thought he was just emotionally miserable and stressed to the limit, but if he was allergic, too, geez, how rotten for him). Otherwise, his health is perfect, which is wonderful. Lovely beast he is.

Okay; time to carry on sweltering in a post-grading sort of way.

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